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Whether its your lot or ours, your floor plans or ours, we are ready to build any house. Bring us your plans, or we have many plans to choose from  ranging from cost effective options, to high end luxury options.

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You already have a lot, GREAT. We are ready to build your perfect house. Choose from our Economy Floor Plans below, work with our skilled architects, or bring you own floor plans and we are ready to go.

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You already have your floor plans, GREAT. If you already have your lot even better, we are ready to start construction on your perfect house.

Our Floor Plans

Not sure which floor plan to go with, no problem. Choose from one our economy plans below or work with one of our architects to develop your perfect layout,

Economy Plans


MM Stewart Construction Superior Exterior Construction

1. Post Tension Slabs; Opt; Mono or Block footer construction
2. Exterior Wall; 2×6 Douglas Fir every 16 inches (on center)
3. Engineered 3/8 in Oriented Strand Board (OSB) wrapped entire home.
4. Low “E” Dual Pane Windows
5. High Quality Exterior Paint w/ two paint selections
6. Porches w/ ceilings opts- drywall, stucco, wood treatment
7. Stucco System; River Sand Finish, Spanish Swirl; All hand troweled
8. Engineered Building Pad for Post Tension Concrete slab
9. Concrete Roof Tiles; Multi-color and Profile selections
10. Insulation;
Exterior Walls Open Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam R-21
Roof; under roof totally sealed, R-21 or greater
House; totally air tight and sealed
11. Moisture Resist Tyvek or equal; total house wrap and tightly sealed
12. Total Concrete Pre Treatments for Termites and option for extended

MM Stewart Construction Superior Interior Construction

1. Drywall ½ inch with hand worked Hock and Trowel
2. All Interior Rounded Corners
3. Interior Door Jambs- kerfed and rounded; opt cased openings
4. American Standard HVAC System
5. Professionally Sealed HVAC ducts and opt zone controls
6. Recessed Shower floors and Laundry W/D Floor tiled
7. Interior Professional Paint; 2 color choices
8. Flooring; as per owners selection, GC Vendors provided
9. Plumbing; as per owners selection, GC Vendors provided
10. Cabinets and Countertops; as per owners selections, GC Vendors
11. Appliance Selections; owners selections, GC Vendor provided


Smart Home Network and Office Hub
Nest Thermostats
Prewire for surround audio and/or wireless
Custom Built Cabinets/ Vanities, Doors
All Type Countertop selections and installation
Stained or Colored Concrete
Brick Pavers, Landscape and/or Driveway
Wood flooring
Landscape: block walls and stone veneer
Roofing, Metal
Soft Water Loop w/ water filtration system
Mason Brick Fireplace or Prefab Fireplaces
Insulated Garage and Garage Doors
Epoxy painted Garage Floors
Rain Gutters
Custom Baseboards
Alder doors (8) eight feet
Custom Designed Front doors
Upgraded Plumbing Fixtures
Shower Glass Doors and Upgrades Vanity mirrors
Custom Designed Closets and Pantry shelving
Security Systems
App alerts for water leaks

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