Lots and Plans

Whether its your lot or ours, your floor plans or ours, we are ready to build any house. Bring us your plans, or we have many plans to choose from  ranging from cost effective options, to high end luxury options.

Your Lot

You already have a lot, GREAT. We are ready to build your perfect house. Choose from our Economy Floor Plans below, work with our skilled architects, or bring you own floor plans and we are ready to go.

Our Lots

Don’t have a lot? We have you covered. Click on the button below for the most comprehensive selection of available lots in the Tucson area to build your dream home.

Your Floor Plans

You already have your floor plans, GREAT. If you already have your lot even better, we are ready to start construction on your perfect house.

Our Floor Plans

Not sure which floor plan to go with, no problem. Choose from one our economy plans below or work with one of our architects to develop your perfect layout,

Economy Plans





The economy plans start at 100 per sq. ft.

Options include:

  • 2 x 6 exterior walls
  • High efficiency heating and cooling system
  • Low ‘e” windows
  • Great Room Ceiling with exposed Vista poles
  • and many more

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Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch

Build Where Best Meets West. The homesites of Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch combine quality and affordability, privacy and convenience for those seeking open spaces and unspoiled beauty. Every lot in Red Hawk at J-6 Ranch is different, but all promise the essence of Western living – a haven of calm in the mesquite-dotted hills of rural Cochise County. For more information visit Red Hawk J-6


Saint David Springs

Live close to the land. The homesites in the new Southern Arizona oasis of Saint David Springs offer natural beauty, preserved park land and farm-ready, resource-rich homesteads for true country living and the chance to live close to the land.