What is the cost per square foot?
The $64,000 question! What is the cost per square foot? The answer is, of course, that it depends. Many variable factors affect the price of building or remodeling. We’ll talk about any specific material preferences, fixtures or appliances you would like to use. We’ll use that information to formulate ideas for your project.

What kind of crews do you use?
Only the BEST!!! Hands down. I am a perfectionist myself and I take responsibility for every job – from that small painting job to a full blown renovation. Your standards are high – so are mine. In addition, you should know that my crews are fully insured and meet all licensing requirements. You have no worries.

What is the process throughout the project?
During the last 30 plus years I have developed a planning and implementation process that has proven successful over and over again. Communication and a detailed contract and production schedule are really the keys here. First, I sit down with you and listen. I want to know what you are thinking – the ideas you have – the things you are concerned about. Then I create a visual picture – a professional architectural drawing that brings your dream to life on the page. Next is the budget and contract phase. Then the transformation begins. My crews and I get to work, doing what we do best. If there are any questions along the way, you can always reach me and get a straight answer quickly. If there are any changes in the project, we update the contract and schedule and keep moving forward. I am with you every step of the way – every day.

What kind of warranty do we get when the project is done?
It is based on the project and the material selected. Some materials have lifetime warranty whereas others can vary between 6 months to 25 years. We tend to give 1 to 2 years general labor warranty to out clients but it is based on the project.

What is the payment schedule?
Upon signing the agreement we require a 10% down payment or a $1000 – whichever comes less. The rest of the money will be distributed along the project and after the completion of each section. Moreover, a certain amount will remain until the job is 100% completed. An average project will have between 4 to 6 payment installments.

Do you provide any designing services if needed?
We do provide designs and help out with selecting material and colors. However, if you need dedicated professional designing services, we do have designers on board at an extras charge.

Will you work with our engineers or must we contract yours?
We work with clients’ architects and engineers if needed. However, we prefer using our own team for accurate timing especially when it comes to acquiring permits.

Can we start our project before we have acquired permits?
Permits must be acquired from the city before the construction commencement.